Working With Local Furniture Designers

We're always looking for other allied professionals to work with here at Smith and Thomas, and this is especially true in the case of furniture designers. So let us introduce the first designer to get on board with us... Abde Nouamani Originally from Morocco, and now working and living in … Read More

From Hand Cut Logs to Handmade Furniture

Have you ever wondered how trees were turned into timber? Well we had a fantastic opportunity to find out this week. We were lucky enough to be able to spend a day learning how to use a “Lucas Mill” courtesy of Tom from Hogg Brothers earthworks. Thanks a lot to Dallas from Hogg Brothers as well for … Read More

The Timber We Use

We use many varieties of reclaimed and new timber in our furniture. They all have their own benefits and limitations depending on the project. Reclaimed/Recycle Timber. This is our preferred type of recycle timber to use as it tends to be the most interesting. The boards often have a back story … Read More

Handcrafted Furniture Joinery Techniques

We like handcrafted furniture joinery. Jesse is our main furniture maker and he's a big fan of using traditional cabinet making joinery techniques in our workshop. Its one of the best parts of our job and an area we have a lot of passion for. It's why we got into this business. A lot of furniture is … Read More