Jesse sands some custom spotted gum bedsides

All of our furniture is made by us in our small backyard workshop in Coburg.
We mainly get our timber from either Timberzoo or Urban Salvage if its reclaimed timber, or from Mathews Timber if its imported. As well as veneered boards from PlyCo.
Our favourite timbers to use are American White Oak and Spotted Gum, but we like them all really (see the timbers we use below).
We select all of the boards individually for each piece of furniture. We look for the straightest boards (to reduce waste), with the lowest moisture content (to reduce the risk of warping), and which have the most desirable features, like knots, or sap veins, rusty nail holes, or simple featureless timber, depending on the customer’s preference.
All of our furniture is also designed by us, and in consultation with customers. Find out more about custom designs here
We use traditional cabinet making joinery techniques in all of our furniture. No shortcuts here. This process results in very sturdy and long lasting furniture.See this blog post for more about the joinery techniques we use.
All of our furniture is finished in Danish furniture oil. This protects the timber from moisture penetration which stops the timber from warping, and highlights the natural colour of the timber.

Recycled Timber

We like to use reclaimed/recycled timber in much of our furniture. It’s cheap, sustainable, and has more character. Plus it sometimes comes with an interesting back story. There are some examples below (The American Walnut and American White Oak are imported new timbers. All the others are reclaimed native timbers). We are not limited to these timbers, if you have a different preference or even if you have some timber of your own, we can accommodate.
See this blog post for more information on the timber we use.Recycle Timber Furniture Melbourne

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