Handmade Furniture Care

All of our handmade furniture is made to our own high personal standards in craftsmanship and so will last for ages. But to extend the life of your furniture even longer, and to keep it looking good, there are a few tips you can follow.

  • It is important to protect timbers finished in oil from anything hot, and all liquids for the first 6 months after purchase. This gives the oil time to penetrate the timber enough to give good protection. It is still good to protect the timber from heat and liquids in general after the first 6 months.
  • Using coasters and placemats will protect the surface of you table from scratches from ceramics and damage from hot pans.
  • For timber furniture kept indoors, re-applying oil once every year is suggested. To get the best finish, surfaces can be scuffed back a bit with 400 grade steel wool (available at Bunnings) before applying the oil.
  • Harsh cleaning solvents and other chemicals should not be used on the timber. Just wipe with a damp cloth and dust regularly. Over time the accumulation of dust leads to grime which stops the timber from looking its best, so regularly wiping away dust is a good idea.
  • While it cannot be avoided for some situations, its best to keep timber furniture out of direct sunlight to prevent fading of the timber and deterioration of the finish.
  • There will be some change of shape in the timber as it expands and contracts with normal changes in temperate. This is unavoidable and is a normal consequence of working with timber; however extremes of heat and cold can cause the timber to warp too much. Try to keep furniture away from extreme sources of hot or cold (such as heaters) or from places where the temperatures vary a lot throughout the day.
  • Outdoor furniture should be protected as much as possible from extremes of weather. If finished in oil, re-application every 6 months is suggested.

Handmade furniture care

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