Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order online?

Yes! It’s the preferred way. We can take care of the whole ordering process from your first ideas to final delivery. Check out the “How to order” page or the “Custom designs” page for more information.
Do you have a showroom?
Currently no. We’re happy to show you through our workshop, if you would like to make an appointment. Just head to our Contact page if you would like to do this.
Do you deliver?
Yes. We offer free delivery to the Melbourne Metro region. Freight can be organised for other ares.
Why do prices vary?
There are several factors that affect the final price of a piece of furniture. The main factors are the selection of timber, and the labour intensiveness of the joinery.
How do you work out quotes?
We try to keep our prices as low as possible while still staying profitable. For each quote we work out the cost of materials, estimate the amount of labour time the piece of furniture will take, billed at $25 per hour, ad in any other costs, and then double the total costs to arrive at a 50% profit margin.
Where does your timber come from?
Nearly all of our timber comes from a couple of timber yards around Melbourne. Reclaimed timbers are sourced from various demolition sites around Melbourne and also interstate. there’s more information about our timber on our “workshop” page or this blog post
Do you do home visits?
Yes. If you would like us to come have a look at your room or have a chat, we are more than happy to drop by. We sometimes need to visit to take measurements for furniture that needs to be installed.
Do you accept credit cards?
At the moment we prefer direct bank transfer but if you prefer, we can accept credit cards through Paypal.

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Do you have any more questions?

We’re always happy to help!