Our Guiding Principles.

Building awesome furniture and selling it is all well and good. And fun. But we want to be better than that. At Smith + Thomas we have three guiding principles that we are constantly aiming to abide by:


We think this is definitely important. When you have any dealings with us, we will go out of our way to disclose anything you may wonder about, and answer all your questions. There are no secrets here. Do you want to know exactly how we make our furniture? No worries. Where we get our timber? Ok. What our Markup is? Easy.
We believe that we can provide better service and do better business if our customers are as informed as they would like to be.
But talk is cheap.
So have a look here if you would like to know more about the timber we use and where we get it.
Or here if you would like to know about our environmental efforts.
Or here if you would like to learn what goes on in our workshop.
Or here if you would like to know what our markup is or other numbers type stuff.
And if you have any feedback or would like to know more, you can get in contact with us here


Quality is very important to us. We do our best to ensure that every piece of furniture is as good as we can make it. We don’t take shortcuts with materials or manufacturing. We can therefore offer a comprehensive 5 year warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee on all purchases. Click here for more info.


We’re running a business, but we’re not greedy. Making awesome custom made furniture for people is pretty fun, and we’re aiming to create as much value for our customers as we can, without taking more than we have to keep going in return. See this for more info.
We like to give back too, it’s a good policy. That’s why we contribute 5% of the profits from each sale to some worthy cause. The causes change pretty frequently but we like to keep it mostly local. Have a look here for what we’re contributing to at the moment.
We also like to work with local design talents as much as possible. So if you know of anyone who would like to design some furniture, drop us a line here.