Warranty and Guarantees


We know our work is good, but why would you believe us, right?
So to put our money where our mouth is, all of our furniture comes with a 5 year warranty. This covers any problems that may arise as a result of normal use.
I haven’t spoken to any solicitors yet, so I’m not sure how to make this legally binding, but if you’re concerned by this, send me an email and I’ll post you a signed letter or something like that.


We also have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. If within two months of the day you receive your new furniture, you’re not completely convinced that we’ve lived up to our end of the bargain, and delivered exactly what we said we would, we’ll refund, replace, or repair your furniture until you’re completely satisfied.
Again, lawyers are expensive, but we’ll get to it eventually.

Smith + Thomas Seal of Approval

Smith + Thomas Seal of Approval