Handmade Wooden Boats

We love all things timber and handmade, not just furniture. So it was a pleasure to check out the work of some allied tradespeople in Hobart last week at the wooden boat festival.
It was surprising to see how many people were interested in wooden boats! The festival attracts over 200,000 people! Crazy. Its not hard to see why though, some of the craftsmanship on show was amazing. A lot of time and attention has been put into these boats.Wooden Boat 1
Walking around it was apparent that furniture making and boat making use many of the same joinery methods. There was one guy there selling boats and furniture he’d made, and also ukuleles. (Ned Trewartha – check him out http://www.nedtrewarthawoodenboats.com.au/)Wooden Boat 2
It was especially nice to see things made out of some lovely Tasmanian timbers. These timbers really are amazing. I had to resist the urge not to buy too much to take back to Melbourne on the plane. A personal favourite is Blackheart Sassafras, this timber has so many variations in colour and pattern from light almost white timber, to black, which I’m told is caused by a specific type of fungus.Salamanca Vases
Hopefully we will get to use these to make some furniture one day. We have access to a supplier now, so if anyone is interested you can get in contact here
There was also some fantastic handmade timber furniture on display at IXL designs on Hunter street just nearby, which was making great use of these Beautiful Tasmanian timbers.Salamanca - IXL Design

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